SMV Tickets
Museum Exhibits Sunday 12/17/2017 To Sunday 07/22/2018
Exhibit hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 9:30 am–5 pm and Sunday, 11:30 am–5 pm.
Planet Nine Sunday 12/17/2017 To Wednesday 04/04/2018
Join astronomers in the search for a new ninth planet! When the New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto in 2015, it not only gave us our first close look at the dwarf planet, but encouraged new theories about how our Solar System formed — and what it may be hiding. Follow astronomer Mike Brown and his team as they uncover stunning dwarf worlds and attempt to learn more about an undiscovered planet orbiting around the edge of our Solar System. This astronomy feature is followed by a live presentation that allows you to explore the stars like never before!
Wild Africa Sunday 12/17/2017 To Thursday 05/03/2018
Journey through the realms of the wildest continent on Earth! Plunge into an adventure alongside elephants, lions, lizards,crocodiles, gorillas, flamingos and more on an epic excursion. Witness the extraordinary stories of these amazing creatures, from battling dry seasons to warding off predators in some of the most extreme environments in the world. Travel the Savanna plains, cascade along raging rivers, discover tropical rainforests and uncover the fascinating secrets of this enchanted kingdom.
We Are Stars Wednesday 12/20/2017 To Thursday 02/01/2018
Journey 13.8 billion years though time and space to discovery our explosive origins. What are we made of and where did everything come from? Investigate our cosmic chemistry by following the formation of Hydrogen atoms to the synthesis of Carbon and beyond. See stars explode and planets form as you explore the secrets of the universe alongside the Time Master, a cheeky Victorian guide leading this steampunk inspired adventure.
National Parks Adventure Thursday 01/18/2018 To Wednesday 02/07/2018
Explore America’s untamed wilderness! Take a thrilling off-trail journey through majestic national parks alongside modern day explorers. Venture through canyons, cross mountain tops and witness the beauty of these pristine and protected places. Celebrate over 100 years of preservation efforts to maintain America’s wild in this action-packed adventure through the great outdoors.