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Tickets may also be purchased by phone at 804.864.1400 between the hours of 9:30 and 5:00 on weekdays.

Museum Exhibits Tuesday 05/26/2015 To Thursday 12/31/2015
Exhibit hours are Monday - Saturday, 9:30 am–5 pm and Sunday, 11:30 am–5 pm.
Violent Universe Tuesday 05/26/2015 To Tuesday 08/25/2015
Our beautiful starlit sky conceals cataclysmic forces at work within the universe. Catch a glimpse of the immense power of these enigmatic forces – from black holes to exploding stars! Examine a future encounter with a large asteroid that comes too close for comfort and consider the possibilities as you witness the catastrophes of the cosmos!
Robot Explorers Tuesday 05/26/2015 To Tuesday 08/11/2015
Experience the wonders of our planetary neighborhood through the eyes of robots. Journey to the most exotic destinations in the solar system and delve into the golden age of space exploration – the number of discoveries during this time was astronomical! Learn more about these robust spacecrafts and watch as they boldly go where no man has gone before!
Flight of the Butterflies Wednesday 05/27/2015 To Thursday 08/06/2015
Migrate with hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies across North America! Immerse yourself in this compelling adventure as you find a super generation of butterflies who miraculously travel to a new and remote destination. Experience firsthand the beauty of the migration cycle of butterflies spanning not only thousands of miles but generations!
Great White Shark Wednesday 05/27/2015 To Thursday 08/13/2015
Dive into the realm of Earth’s most iconic predator – the creature we love to fear – the Great White Shark. Uncover the secret lives of these creatures that pre-date dinosaurs and how they have evolved to remain at the top of the food chain.
Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Tuesday 06/02/2015 To Thursday 08/13/2015
Set against the majestic backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Adventure takes you on an exhilarating river-rafting adventure down the Colorado River. Meet Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a world-renowned environmental activist dedicated to water conservation and river restoration, and Wade Davis, the eminent anthropologist and writer. The film documents their journey with their daughters as it raises awareness of water management and conservation to global crisis and individual responsibility.


Exhibits Only

Adults* - $11
Members - Free

Exhibits and Dome Feature

Adults* - $16
Members - $5 or Dome pass

Dome Feature Only

Adults - $9
Members - $5 or Dome pass

*Adults ages 60 and Children between the Ages of 4-12 receive a $1 discount off general admission prices. Active military are admitted free to exhibits.