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Tickets may also be purchased by phone at 804.864.1400 between the hours of 9:30 and 5:00 on weekdays.

Museum Exhibits Tuesday 10/06/2015 To Thursday 06/30/2016
Exhibit hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 9:30 am–5 pm and Sunday, 11:30 am–5 pm.
Violent Universe Tuesday 10/06/2015 To Thursday 12/10/2015
Our beautiful starlit sky conceals cataclysmic forces at work within the universe. Catch a glimpse of the immense power of these enigmatic forces – from black holes to exploding stars! Examine a future encounter with a large asteroid that comes too close for comfort and consider the possibilities as you witness the catastrophes of the cosmos!
Humpback Whales Tuesday 10/06/2015 To Friday 05/06/2016
Embark on an amazing adventure into the hidden world of nature’s most awe-inspiring marine mammal, the humpback whale. Join a team of researchers and learn how humpback whales communicate, work together to secure a meal, play and take care of their young. Watch new discoveries bubble to the surface!
Dark Universe Tuesday 10/06/2015 To Thursday 04/14/2016
Unearth enigmatic cosmic phenomena and spectacular scenes in deep space as you travel the universe with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as your guide. Hurtle through Jupiter’s atmosphere, peer at the web of dark matter holding galaxies together and watch the colorful remains of the universe’s beginnings unfold.


Exhibits Only

Adults* - $11
Members - Free

Exhibits and Dome Feature

Adults* - $11
Members - Free

Dome Feature Only

Adults - $9
Members - Free

*Adults ages 60 and Children between the Ages of 4-12 receive a $1 discount off general admission prices. Active military are admitted free to exhibits.